Special Report

Weirdest News Stories of the Year

It used to be easier to dismiss strange news events as fringe occurrences — be they conspiracy theories, hoaxes, fake news, or inexplicable behavior by public officials. But things have changed as these days the average news story seems anything but normal and distinguishing normal events from the weird ones may only be getting more difficult.

And yet, setting aside the tales of corruption, misinformation, conspiracy, and violence, there was no shortage of strange news in 2019. From botched crimes to one-of-a-kind animals being born to stories like royal jewel heists and high profile jail breaks, 2019 was a banner year for headline-grabbing oddities.

To identify some of the weirdest news stories of the year, 24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of dozens of these strange news stories reported in 2019 and selected 15 of the strangest. If you’re interested in lists of more weird and strange things, see the weirdest jobs in every state, and the strangest Guinness world records of all time.

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