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The 25 Worst Episodes of ‘Friends’ Ever, According to Data

As one of the most iconic sitcoms that has ever aired on TV, “Friends” has produced countless episodes that are considered classics. But even the best shows with the best writers have an occasional mishap. Despite the witty characters and almost nonstop funny shenanigans, there are still some forgettable and even dull moments.

To determine the worst episodes of “Friends,” 24/7 Tempo reviewed data on audience rating from the Internet Movie Database. All episodes of “Friends” were ranked based on average IMDb user rating as of November 2021. In cases of a tie, episodes with more IMDb user votes were given a higher ranking. Supplemental data on the number of IMDb user votes and original airdate also came from IMDb.

Fans don’t appear to have thoroughly enjoyed seasons eight and nine. Nine of the 25 worst episodes of the sitcom are from those two seasons. Another four are from season four, which also happens to have many of the show’s best episodes — these are the best episodes of “Friends.”

It’s worth noting that even the worst episode of “Friends” has a rating that most shows and even movies aim for — above 7 out of 10. For some really disappointing shows — especially ends of shows — click here for the worst TV series finales of all time.

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