AOL Money Moves To Lead Among Finance Sites

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AOL Money & Finance (TWX) moved ahead of Yahoo! (YHOO) Finance in both total visits and page views during March. For the period, AOL had 409 million page views and 85.3 million visits. Yahoo!’s property had 337 million page views and 79.9 million visits. Yahoo! kept a modest lead in unique visitors at 15.8 million to AOL’s 14.7 million.

The largest change, however, was in the page views category. In January 2007, Yahoo! had a 120 million page view lead.

MSN Money continued in third place with 13.5 million unique visitors, 57.9 total visits, and 197 million page views. Dow Jones held fourth place in most categories.

Other financial websites with notable movement in audience over the first quarter were which went from 4.411 million unique visitors in January to 4.75 million in March, and which rose from 1.266 million to 1.798 million over the same period.

24/7 Wall St. ranked 39th among all sites with 328,000 unique visitors in March.

Douglas A. McIntyre is an editor at 24/7 Wall St. and writes for both AOL Money and MSN Money