September Financial Website Analysis

In September, Yahoo! (YHOO) Finance lost almost all of its pageview lead over its closest competitor, AOL Finance. For the month, Yahoo! Finance had 286 million pageviews and AOL Finance had 282 million according to syndicated research data. Yahoo! Finance had more unique visitors with 13.6 million, but AOL had an advantage pages-per-visitor at 27.

MSN Money was a distant third with 10.9 million unique visitors, 150 million pageviews, and 14 average pags per visitor. The pages-per-visitor for MSN are low for the financial website catagory.

Forbes and Dow Jones each had over six million unique visitors in September. Reuters had 3.5 milllion, and 2.1 million. BusiessWeek Online rounded out the top financial content sites with just over 1.8 million uniques.

Douglas A. McIntyre