AppleInsider rates Apple, Google and Microsoft News

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And the winner is…


From William Gallagher’s Compared… which is the best for you?

It’s easier to pick a loser. Microsoft News is fine, it’s just not much more than that. If there were no alternatives, we’d be using Microsoft News.

However, there are alternatives and every sensible news junkie should be going for Google News. We say that with absolute certainty —and yet we find ourselves reading Apple News instead.

That is because it’s just a pleasant reading experience on iOS. That is because having the iOS app now on our Macs as well means we get to use the same one on all our screens. And actually the fact that we use it everywhere means it is learning what we do or don’t like.

It just lacks that Full Stories feature that we so love. For day to day keeping up with events, we’re on Apple News. When we need to know more, we fire up Google News.

My take: Dear Apple News Team, please add that Full Coverage feature that we so love.