How the Apple analysts have changed their tune

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Bottom line: My panel is 6% more bullish about Apple’s September quarter than it was last summer.


In the last week of July, I asked my panel of analysts to estimate Apple’s top- and bottom-line results for the September quarter (fiscal Q4 2018).

Last week, with Q4 results about to be released, I asked them again.

With a few glaring exceptions, they are, as a group, modestly more bullish about the quarter than they were three months ago, up an average of 4% on revenue and 6% on earnings per share.

Here’s what that looks like. Click on the column headings in the charts below to see before, after, and—most dramatically—the three-month changes. Not seeing the Revenue chart, click here.

Not seeing the EPS chart, click here.

We’ll see who was closest to the mark when Apple reports next Thursday (Nov. 1). The conference call with analysts begins at 5 p.m Eastern. I’ll be listening in. You can too. Tune in here.