Mom and pop Apple coverage

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An anecdotal two-fer from Sunday’s New York Times.


Home for the holidays when big Apple news hits? Why not interview your parents?

From Kevin Roose’s Apple’s Biggest Problem? My Mom:

When Apple lost more than $75 billion in market value this past week after a surprise announcement that it is expecting lower iPhone sales than originally projected, the company put most of the blame for its troubles on China, where a slowing economy and the trade war with the United States have hurt sales. But a bigger issue for Apple might exist much closer to home, in a small, leafy town in Ohio. That’s where my mom lives.

From Yuan Ren’s Why My Chinese Dad Switched From an iPhone to a Huawei:

Huawei, China’s largest smartphone maker by market share, recently overtook Apple to move to second place globally. Its popularity among the wealthy and business class at home has shot up in recent years; its prices have been steadily rising as it shifts focus toward higher-end products. Many upper-middle-class Chinese who once owned iPhones have since switched to Huawei — including my dad.

My take: Nothing terribly wrong with either story, but I’m surprised the desk ran both in the same paper.