New Apple hire started Otto, the belly-up ‘Apple of smart locks’

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From “Apple just hired ex-Microsoft exec Sam Jadallah to revamp its smart home business, and catch up to Google and Amazon,” posted Saturday on CNBC:

Jadallah previously ran a start-up called Otto, which made a $700 lock that was backed by the venture firm Greylock. He also spent more than a decade at Microsoft, and had a stint in venture capital at the firm Mohr Davidow.

Otto suspended its operations four months after launching its beautifully-designed Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled luxury lock. In interviews, Jadallah hinted at having found a buyer, which pulled out at the last minute.

About 70 percent of the early team behind Otto were actually poached from Apple’s ranks, Jadallah has previously said. The lock was compared favorably by reviewers to the “Apple of smart locks.”

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My take: Still wondering what acquiring entity pulled the rug out from under Otto 13 months ago. If Jadallah ever said, I can’t find it.