Document: Original AirPods 'out of stock' in four weeks

Screenshot leaked to Spanish-language blog suggests new AirPods could hit the shelves March 29.


From Applesfera: The AirPods 2 have a date: next March 29 they will arrive at the Apple Store (Translated from Spanish):

For days we have been receiving tracks from several different sources that converge on the same data: we could have an Apple keynote on March 25, with the launch of the news that will be presented (or part of them) on March 29. Today we are the ones who can corroborate releases for March 29 with our own sources.

One of them, who prefers to remain anonymous and who is aware of the internal operations of suppliers in the Asia-Pacific market, has informed us that March 28 is the last day of the “life cycle” of the original AirPods.

The screenshot that you can see right up here is part of the logistics and product stock management software that this source has sent us, indicating that the original AirPods are no longer on sale on March 28. A few new models, which would be arriving at the store stores, will be placed on the shelves on the 29th.

MacRumors says Fall launch. This looks like hard evidence for Spring, but could be faked.

My take: With my luck, the replacement AirPods I bought in December will be outdated by March.