What if Apple’s new TV shows stink?

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There aren’t many surprises left for Monday’s events.


We’ve heard about the Apple News makeover, the Goldman Sachs credit card, the TV bundle.

We’ve seen the hardware Apple didn’t think worth the stage time: the iMacs, the iPads, the AirPods.

We’ve read about the big-name producers poached from Sony, the 10-figure budget, the A-list directors and stars.

What we haven’t seen, after nearly two years of hype and silence, is a single second of footage.

On Monday, at the Steve Jobs Theater, in the company of Reese Witherspoon and the gang, I expect to see some trailers. You can watch them too (instructions here).

You can’t always judge good series from the trailer, but you can usually spot a clunker.

How well these short films are received could drive Apple’s stock price Monday. I’ve asked Apple which TV and movie critics—if any—are coming Monday. No word yet.