Tim Cook out-clicked Oprah

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And other findings from an analysis of 48 hours of Apple chatter.


From Talkwalker’s APPLE EVENT SOCIAL WAVE ANALYTICS, 25-27 March 2019:

Most trending stories on Twitter regarding new Apple products (the global tone is somehow critic/sarcastic):

  1. The news by WayForward technologies that their video game hero Shantae will be available on Apple Arcade (48,300 shares/likes)
  2. Finance author Ben Carlson making fun of the plethoric TV subscriptions offer he has to buy in order to cut the cord now, with the newbie Apple TV+ arriving and thus not helping him to be minimalistic (30,800 shares/likes)
  3. Senior editor Imran Khan questioning why Steven Spielberg, who has openly argued that movies that are just on a TV aren’t real movies, is now telling the opposite by explaining that Apple TV+ is good. (23,400 shares/likes)

Biggest news and videos trending about Apple’s new products:

  1. Smart TV manufacturer Roku’s share-price increase due to the Apple TV+ announcement (156,500 shares/likes)
  2. The Apple Card video reveal on Youtube (79,000 shares/likes & 15.8 million views)
  3. A fun video about Apple’s new money making scheme (48,100 shares/likes and 1,1 million views)

Top 5 Celebrities mentioned: 

apple event social media Celebrities rocked the show! Apple made intense use of celebrity stardust to impress the crowd and to drive social media engagement. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, was the most mentioned famous personality during the last two days, with 19,695 mentions. Jennifer Aniston ranked second with 12,850 mentions, before Reese Witherspoon with 12,005 mentions. Oprah ranked fourth with 9,270 mentions and male-man Jason Momoa ranked 5th with 7,032  mentions.

During the 48 hours that the buzz was banging, Apple’s regular iPhone, without any new launch or noticeable news, had more cumulated mentions and engagements than any of the new Apple products…. Perhaps a sign that this massive firework diluted the message? Also, the buzz rapidly vanished after the show, showing the impact was more like a bush-fire.

My take: What news doesn’t burn out like a brush fire these days?

Talkwalker, based in Luxembourg, is new to me. Their press release came in over the transom Thursday. They claim to analyze online conversations on social networks, news websites, blogs and forums in 187 languages.  For more information, click here.