Helicopter-eye view of Apple's spaceship at night

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Alongside aerial shots of Facebook, Google, NVIDIA and more.


From “Photos of Silicon Valley from Above” posted by Fortune:

apple spaceship arial night NVIDIA“What’s really interesting to me is that Apple has this spaceship aura amongst the greenery, and you see it’s typical Apple [with] their attention to detail,” [photographer Cameron] Davidson told Fortune.

NVIDIA, the powerhouse of AI graphics, is seen from above as a strong, stable unit with textures mimicking its graphic cards, while Facebook is a giant sprawling campus near the Ravenswood area.

“I don’t know what that really says [about Facebook] except meandering fingers are everywhere.”

Click here for the rest. Thanks to Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky for the pointer.

My take: One of these HQ’s is not the others.

CORRECTION: That’s aerial (from the air), not arial (the typeface).