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New AI Push May Save Apple

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Several media reports say robust AI features will be in the latest Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) operating system, which may be released as early as June. This could give Apple back its place as one of America’s premier mega tech companies, which it has started to lose as its rivals adopted AI products they launched months ago.

The AI applications will probably be part of Siri’s new version, a feature many iPhone owners use. According to The New York Times, “Apple plans to bill the improved Siri as more private than rival A.I. services because it will process requests on iPhones rather than remotely in data centers.” The software will almost certainly be licensed from OpenAI. Bloomberg reported the deal would be broader. “An OpenAI accord would let Apple offer a popular chatbot as part of a flurry of new AI features that it’s planning to announce next month.”

Apple’s new iPad launch did not mention any major AI features, which was a disappointment. It would have allowed Apple to announce during an important forum. The new iPad barely moved Apple’s troubled stock. This iPad release left some investors unimpressed.

Even if Apple announces a deal with OpenAI, investors may be skeptical. The question will remain about what features it will add to the new iPhone 16. As the Apple flagship, the latest iPhone, which will probably launch in September, must have compelling and unique AI applications. If it does not, it means the door is open for rivals like Samsung to beat it to market.

Apple’s stock is down 4% this year. Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), viewed as the tech company AI leader, has posted a share run-up of 10% over the same period. That is a big gap to close. With an impressive AI deal, Apple may be able to do so.

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