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Sales of the Mac have started to fall, which makes Apple no better off than the personal computer companies with which it has competed for decades.
Software companies have a great deal to fear in terms of theft from the people who live in nations in which the average IQ is low. One the other hand, nations with high IQ residents present a much...
As a means to capture the huge market of apps and downloads onto these devices, Sony has created a company to spearhead the effort.
24/7 Wall St. has reviewed a few analyst calls that came after the company Take-Two Interactive Software posted its results and most were fairly positive.
With the potential to outperform in 2016, these four bargain software stocks make good sense for aggressive growth portfolios.
How many people will hold their "old" iPhone 6 models and wait for the iPhone 7? No one knows, but it is a threat to sales.
Twitter Inc.’s (NYSE: TWTR) services are down, at least here. The company reported: Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working...
Based on a "community" count, Instagram is larger than Twitter. However, that may not matter much, as the site has not come up with a way to make much money.
Source: Wikimedia CommonsIf there were ever a time to sell into strength, it would be today with Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). Twitter is a case of a company that suffers from its own publicity. In terms of...
In another example of how "Big Brother" has rapidly moved into the world of tech, the new Google Maps product can tell you where you have been.
The new Windows 10 operating system attempts to win over traditional PC enthusiasts by making a number of the annoying features of Windows 8 disappear bringing back the much beloved start menu.
Source: courtesy of Rovio EntertainmentThe most popular—and highest revenue-generating—mobile apps have traditionally been games. That’s not true just for the U.S., but internationally as well....
Google Android helped smartphone manufacturers to seize market share from Apple for years. That trend has reversed, at least in the United States.
Yelp shares were halted briefly on Thursday ahead of news that the company had suspended its quest for a buyer.
Microsoft has announced that it will ship the next version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10, on Wednesday July 29.