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Every time it seems as though the United States and China get closer to a trade deal, it turns into a one step forward, two steps back gambit. So what are whipsawed investors to do?
Merrill Lynch has many stocks to buy and these are some of its top defensive stocks and dividend stocks that may help insulate investors during pullbacks or times of weakness.
In the Merrill Lynch research database we found five stocks that are rated Buy but have been beaten down and offer perhaps a degree of safety in a very expensive and tired stock market.
Here are seven real estate investment trusts handily outyielding the 10-year Treasury that have solid businesses and implied upside to their price targets on average.
These five top stocks, all rated Buy at Merrill Lynch, come with outstanding dividends and have good growth prospects.
The top analyst upgrades, downgrades and initiations seen on Friday included Adobe Systems, AIG, CareDx, Coca-Cola, General Dynamics, Harvard Bioscience, LogMeIn, TrueCar and WorkDay.
Defensive sectors like consumer staples, utilities and real estate investment trusts are boring but are good areas to be in if the market decides to continue blowing up.
24/7 Wall St. screened the Merrill Lynch REIT research universe and found four top companies that all pay at least a 4% dividend and have solid growth potential.
These five top companies are liquid, pay big dividends and look like safe havens as the market volatility continues to churn.
It has become abundantly clear that for the first time in years the U.S. economy appears to be on the best footing it has been in some time. Unemployment has dropped to 3.8% and U.S. growth is...
These five companies are paying dividends much higher than the current Treasury yields, and their shares look like great additions to long-term growth portfolios.
These four solid companies with healthy yields look to be able to maintain and grow their payouts to shareholders.
We screened our 24/7 Wall St. research database for reasonably priced stocks that paid at least a 4% dividend and found eight that look like great buys for growth and income portfolios.
Is it possible that the high and mighty might have finally become so big and powerful that politicians actually go after the company where it hurts the most?
The Stifel view is that it is time for investors to take a more defensive posture, but that doesn’t mean selling everything and going to cash.