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Backpack Company Raises $3.9 Million on Kickstarter

Douglas A. McIntyre

The potential powerful model of crowdfunding showed up on Kickstarter recently. An obscure backpack company has raised $3.88 million, an extraordinary amount given that other projects that raise money via the service have only raised a few thousand dollars.

The backpack product, called Everyday Bags, would seem to be in the crowded market of backpacks and other small, light carrying products. For some reason, the description of Everyday Bags has drawn 16,426 backers.

The products even have an ordinary description:

The world’s best everyday bags. Designed by photographers to revolutionize camera carry, but built for everyone to organize your life.


Like all Peak Design products, our new bags are packed full of features and meticulously engineered. They are designed from the ground up to be both the best camera bags and the best everyday carry on the planet.

“On the planet” is probably an exaggeration.

The products are made by Peak Design, which makes other bags and straps, many of which are for photographers. The company describes itself:

Our mission is to enable active, creative, adventurous people to better capture and appreciate the beautiful world around them. Right now we are helping people better transport and handle their creative gear and everyday carry: cameras, lenses, binoculars, GoPros, laptops, diapers or any other lifestyle implement you can’t leave home without. You can bet your hiney that we’ll be expanding our product horizons even more.

Part of the attraction for an investment is a series of very modest discounts on some of the company’s products. Anyone who pledges over $115 gets a $35 discount off the planned $150 manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the upcoming “Everyday Sling.” The is a very modest incentive.

Peak Design has morphed itself from a camera bag company to a one with a much broader line of backpacks. To say it has worked, at least in terms of funding, would be an understatement.