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This Is the Worst American City for Beer Lovers

The numbers about beer consumption in America are usually robust. Beer Info claims beer consumption by people 21 years or over totals 28.2 gallons per person per year. That is about a six-pack per week. Since only a fraction of Americans drink beer, the figures for those who do have to be staggering on an annual basis.

The same research shows that beer consumption is usually high in the Plains States. North Dakota tops the list at 45.8 gallons a year. Montana is third at 41 gallons, The figure for South Dakota at 38.9. At the far end of the spectrum is Utah at 20.2 gallons.

Lawn Love has been able to break out the best and worst cities for beer lovers, which delivers very different results than state data does. It uses different metrics. Across America’s 180 largest cities it measured access to establishments where people drink beer. It also ranks what it calls “establishment quality”, a yardstick of consumer rankings. It looked at beer quality and costs. It listed its sources as BreweryDB, Eventbrite, Great American Beer Festival, Livability, Meetup, North American Brewers Association, World Beer Awards, and Yelp.

Each of the measurements was weighted to calculate an overall score among the 180 cities. The highest among them posted a score of 55.07. The lowest had a score of 14.46 which was the score for was San Bernadino.

The two largest states by population dominated the list of the worst 10 cities: California and Texas. California had two more: Fontana with a score of 21.01 and Bakersfield with a score of 21.02. In Texas, Plano had a score of 18.38. Loredo had a score of 19.05.

Rounding out the list, Columbus, Georgia, had a score of 17.07; Kansas City had a score of 17.8; Chesapeake, Virginia, has a score of 20.55; Virginia Beach, Virginia, had a score of 21.19; and Scottsdale had a score of 20.96.

Two geographic areas dominated the top of the list. Among the Pacific Northwest states, Spokane had a 55.07 score, the highest nationwide. Portland ranked second with a score of 53.41. Seattle ranked fourth with a score of 48.97.

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