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Cramer's #3 Speculative Stock for 2007

Tonight Cramer continued his quest of delivering his favorite TOP 3 SPECULATIVE STOCKS FOR 2007.  Cramer started off with his #3 pick, or the second runner up for the speculative stocks.

Savient Pharma (SVNT) is his #1 pick.  He said it is up $4.00 and has been on a tear.  It is up against competition, and you can’t put more than 20% of your mad Money in any speculative stock and he thinks you need a basket of speculative stocks.  With 20% geared toward speculative stocks, you should still have 4 others.  Out of these you can expect one to scream and one to go bust.  Cramer says management is good because they sold off a drug for more than it was worth then cut the number of shares with a Dutch tender.  Their phase III gout drug looks promising and Cramer said there hasn’t been a gout treatment in about 40 years and there are 3 to 5 million Americans with gout.  Phase II results were amazing, and if they have 35% market penetration he thinks it will be $200 million to $400 million and the stock could double.

Below are his picks from Wednesday and Thursday for Growth and Value Picks for 2007:
#1 growth pick is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
#2 is Apple (AAPL).
#3  is Cisco Systems (CSCO).

If you want to read through to the top VALUE PICKS for 2007 that Cramer gave on Wednesday night, here is the list:

1) Altria (MO)
2) Goldman Sachs (GS)
3) Halliburton (HAL)

Jon C. Ogg
January  5, 2007