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Cramer's #1 Growth Pick for 2007

Cramer’s #1 Growth Stock for 2007 is the NYSE (NYX).  He thinks it will blow past estimates and keep flying.  He loves the fact that they are essentially self-regulating and can set whatever terms they want.  They are having layoffs in pursuit of EPS and the people on the NYSE floor are all going be computerized and can have $700 million more in savings.  The more foreign listings coming in are good for the exchange. It has the best growth prospects of the companies he follows.  With the street’s love of technology this one fits the bill.  The floors will close according to him and he even went back to a CNBC clip showing how many of the trading posts that are just empty on the floor now.  The elctonic trading won’t just save money, Cramer thinks it will make money.  He also threw in Goldman Sachs there again as a beneficiary.  When Euronext & NYSE merge he thinks the $275 million in savings will be even more.  He thinks that it will follow the CME rally before they took off.  He also thinks it will become a World Wide Stock Exchange.  This is another name he’s been behind for a couple months now.  In 3 years he thinks it can earn $12 per share and they can go to $240 based on this.  He called for a Triple on NYX shares back on November 9.

Cramer’s #2 Pick tonight is Apple (AAPL).

Cramer’s #3 Pick tonight  is Cisco Systems (CSCO).

Jon C. Ogg
January 4, 2007