The Fifteen Nations With The Highest Unemployment In The World

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5) Bosnia and Herzegovina

– Population: 4,621,598

– Unemployment Rate: 23.4%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 58.5% (2,279,164)

– Per Capita GDP: $4,346

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s war for independence ruined the national infrastructure and was part of one of the most brutal conflicts in the past 50 years.  Prior to gaining independence in 1992, the country was part of Yugoslavia.  Recently, UNICEF reports that its infrastructure has finally returned to pre-war status.

4) The West Bank and The Gaza Strip

– Population: 2,514,845

– Unemployment Rate: 25.7%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 69.8% (961,978)

– Per Capita GDP: $2,900

The West Bank and Gaza Strip was part of Palestine until the United Nations divided the country to form Israel in 1948. The region is one of the most unstable in the world.  Gaza is controlled by Hamas while its rival ,the Palestinian Authority, rules the West Bank.  Recently, Israel’s increased has put increased restrictions on trade in the region, weakening GDP and employment.

3) The People’s Democratic Republic Of Algeria

– Population: 34,586,184

– Unemployment Rate: 27.3%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 50.7% (12,677,946)

– Per Capita GDP: $6,900

Algeria was a French colony until it gained independence in 1962. The country was in violent conflict for nearly a decade after President Boudiaf was assasinated in 1992. Terrorism and armed conflict reigned through the beginning of the 2000’s. The nation is slowly returning to stability.

2) The Republic Of Armenia

– Population: 2,966,802

– Unemployment Rate: 28.6%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 61.9% (1,459,978)

– Per Capita GDP: $6,310

The country gained independence as a nation in 1918, and from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since independence from the U.S.S.R., economic conditions have resulted in a very high emigration rate. Currently, at least 60% of ethnic Armenians live outside of the country. A trade blockade imposed by Turkey and Azerbaijan as the result of a border dispute hinder Armenia’s economy.

1) The Republic Of Macedonia

– Population: 2,072,086

– Unemployment Rate: 33.8%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 65.2% (1,102,416)

– Per Capita GDP: $9,000

Like several of the other countries on this list, Macedonia was also part of  Yugoslavia until 1991. While it missed most of the apocalyptic violence that engulfed the Balkans, the nation suffers from its own difficulties. Like the rest of the region, ethnic conflicts have brought Macedonia to the brink of civil war several times.

Michael B. Sauter, Douglas A. McIntyre, and Ashley A. Allen