Media Digest (11/29/2010) Reuters, WSJ, NYT, FT, Bloomberg

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Reuters: ECB executives sought to calm capital markets and assure them that the Ireland bailout should stabilize the euro.

Reuters: Online bargain hunting has spread beyond CyberMonday.

Reuters: Members of the President’s deficit reduction panel have made changes to their plan to draw wider support.

Reuters: A GfK survey shows consumers are not loyal to their handset brands.

Reuters: Acer plans to become the top PC seller next year.

Reuters: Global companies have $4.3 trillion on balance sheets which will be used for M&A and dividend payments.

Reuters: BP plc (NYSE: BP) will sell its Pan American stake for $7 billion.

WSJ: Europe has set a deal which may force some private investors to share burdens of bailouts after 2013.

WSJ: Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) plans to buy control of South America’s Massmart.

WSJ: Emerging markets face rapid inflation.

WSJ: may be sold.

WSJ: The medical community has begun to set up more efficient healthcare facilities to meet federal goals on costs.

WSJ:  Federal officials shut down a number of piracy sites.

WSJ:  China online powerhouse Tencent will open its platform to third-party developers.

WSJ: Dubai may sell assets including Emirate Air.

WSJ: Autodesk has started to launch consumer products.

WSJ: The Collegiate Employment Research Institute says companies are still wary of hiring recent college graduates.

WSJ: Website marketing has moved much online shopping beyond CyberMonday.

WSJ: The dollar is once again a primary safe haven.

WSJ:  China overseas investments have begun to target consumer companies.

WSJ: Verizon (NYSE: VZ) would like to see smartphone functions move from handsets to networks.

NYT:   Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) slower pace of growth has made it harder to keep creative talent.

NYT:  Ebay’s (NASDAQ: EBAY) PayPal has moved aggressively into mobile e-commerce.

FT:   Ireland will pay 6% on its new debt.

FT: (NASDAQ:  AMZN) has set plans to move into new countries.

FT:   The SEC will seek ways to cut insider trading rings that have expanded to Asia and Europe.

Bloomberg:  Greece will have 4.5 more years to pay its bailout debt.

Bloomberg: Ireland’s low corporate tax policy will remain unchanged.

Douglas A. McIntyre