Halo’s Next Generation (or Halo 4) Already Guarded (MSFT, GME, BBY)

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The lines are out.  The costumes are on.  Halo 3 is on imminent release.  10 minutes for the east coast.  Halo 4, or the next version/series of Halo, is already under development.  Have I been told so? NO.  Have I been told the opposite?  YES.  Do I believe this is the end? Hell No!

Predicting sequels and predicting the outcome of a mega-hit series is pretty easy if you merely follow the money.  I have no idea of the outcome of Halo 3 beyond the reviews….. Yet.  But I can follow the money, and that is simple.  There will be more Halo "money" for Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT).  GameStop (NYSE:GME) and Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) will be banking on it.

I have no clue if Master Chief or the Arbiter make it out of this "last" episode alive.  I would predict the Arbiter bites the dust and takes it for the home team, and Master Chief either lives or is questionable.  But….. IT DOESN’T MATTER……. This is Sci-Fi and way out into the future.  As long as some remnant of DNA exists these soldiers can be brought back.  And even then, more powerful foes and entirely unknown foes of yet can surface.

This was supposed to be Microsoft’s foray into profitability in the entire Xbox franchise. They aren’t about to permanently kill off the ticket in the bread line.

Maybe it’s the Master Chief.  Maybe it’s the Arbiter.  Hell, Maybe they both die.  It doesn’t really matter.  Follow the money!!!!!

Regardless, "Finish The Fight" can not be finished yet.

OK, I have to go get my copy of the game.

Jon C. Ogg
September 25, 2007