Social Security Gets New Toilets

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Social Security is reviled by many Americans. This is particularly true of people who receive it. The Social Security Administration has tried to improve its image after it was battered by its operations at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People who receive Social Security payments often have trouble figuring out why they get the amount they do. Is it based on how long someone has worked or how much they made? People who make over $147,000 are not taxed on the amounts above that sum. This seems like a good deal for the rich, who get Social Security payments no matter how much they made or make now.

People who retire at 62 are paid less than people who retire at 66 plus a few months (the month’s figure has its own calculation). People who retire at 70 make even more. This leaves older Americans to guess when they will die. Since many Americans live to be over 80, why should people be allowed to take money at 62? Retirement age, as defined by the government, should be older.

Another criticism of Social Security is that there is no one to talk to about problems. While this is a slight exaggeration, waiting in line outside a Social Security office or on the phone can be worse than making an airline reservation or ordering cable TV. People are encouraged to go online. If they cannot get an answer there, or have problems, they are sent back to the lines outside the office and phone numbers. (Note: As of this writing, the Social Security Administration says it is having problems with its national 1-800 line.)

The Social Security problem has become so universal that it just released a document titled We Remain Committed to Working With You. It is a reaction to years of service poor enough to cause public outcry.

Some of the items are important:

  • People should check to see if their problems can be handled online.
  • When people apply, there are no documents to sign.
  • Call before coming to the office. A call may allow people to make an appointment.
  • Busy Social Security offices are being helped by those that are less busy.
  • Some offices help people in lines to make sure they have the correct paperwork
  • Offices have added canopies and fans.
  • People can use their phones to check in for office visits.
  • At some locations, people have access to water fountains and toilets.

If these do not solve your problem, maybe get in touch with Dr. Kilolo Kijakazi, who is the acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration.

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