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America's Best Companies to Work For

kpmg work
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43. KPMG
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 93% (Lynne Doughtie)
> Industry: Business services and supplies
> Revenue: $24.4 billion
> Employees: 173,965

KPMG is one of the Big Four accounting and auditing firms. The company employs nearly 174,000 employees, and it has member firms in 155 countries.

Employees write on Glassdoor reviews that KPMG is a great place to start a career and learn the accounting business. The accounting industry has high employee turnover rate, at 15% to 20% of the workforce on average each year at the Big Four firms. At KPMG, however, employee turnover, according to Fortune, is a relatively low 13%.

cisco work
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42. Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO)
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 93% (Chuck Robbins)
> Industry: Networking and communication devices
> Revenue: $49.2 billion
> Employees: 71,833

Networking and IT corporation Cisco Systems employs more than 70,000 people around the world, about half of whom are in the United States. The San Francisco-based company’s operations are quite diversified. Since it was founded in 1984, Cisco has acquired roughly 180 companies.

Cisco’s high employee approval rating may stem in part from its apparent focus on work-life balance. The company’s Silicon Valley headquarters has a childcare facility with roughly 600 children on site. The company also allows thousands of employees to work from home.

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41. PwC
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: N/A
> Industry: Business services and supplies
> Revenue: $35.4 billion
> Employees: 208,109

The prestige that comes with working for one of the largest and most well-known consulting firms likely contributes to job satisfaction at accounting and legal giant PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, which rebranded in 2010 as PwC. The firm boasts hundreds of the world’s largest companies as among its clients. PwC employs over 200,000 people globally and reported revenue of $35.4 billion in its fiscal 2015.

Compensation for consulting work is often paid by commission, which can reward hard work but also often adds uncertainty and stress. While some complaints published on Glassdoor cite poor work-life balance and long hours, others have found a healthy work-life balance and appreciate the motivating professional environment.

starbucks work
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40. Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX)
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 89% (Howard Schultz)
> Industry: Coffee shops
> Revenue: $19.2 billion
> Employees: 175,000 (U.S. employees)

Employee satisfaction tends to be low in the food service industry, and Starbucks is the only eatery among the best companies to work for. Starbucks employees can take home a pound of coffee beans each week, and they receive discounts on drinks while both on and off shift. Employees can also receive tuition reimbursement for two full years of college through an online studies program with Arizona State University. Benefits are available to both full- and part-time workers. Many employees on Glassdoor cite the generous benefits given to part-time workers and the free coffee as major advantages to working at the company.

Employee satisfaction at Starbucks may rise in the coming fall. Starting October 3, employees are slated to receive raises of between 5% to 15%, better health insurance, and more generous stock options.

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39. John Deere
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 95% (Samuel Allen)
> Industry: Heavy equipment
> Revenue: $28.9 billion
> Employees: 57,180

Founded nearly 180 years ago, John Deere is one of the largest and most recognized tractor and farm equipment companies in the country. Based in Moline, Illinois, the company employs close to 60,000 employees worldwide for its operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Russia, and elsewhere.

Those positively reviewing the company on Glassdoor mostly cite a positive work-life balance as well as good pay and benefits. Product engineers, for example, list an annual average salary of $75,430, slightly higher than the national average of $74,000 for product engineers nationwide. Employees also praise the company’s health insurance, 401(k) plan, and pension plan. John Deere’s CEO has a 95% approval rating on Glassdoor as well.