Special Report

Weird Things Foreigners Say About Americans

Cultural quirks may not be obvious to locals until an outsider points them out. Opinions of Americans vary from one individual to another, but most of them can fit into a few categories – food, technology, courtesy, and power.

Americans’ views of the United States vary with every generation. Only half of people under 35 say it’s special, but more than 80% of those over 55 say it is; however, most of them agree they are better off for being born in the country.

Whether seen as special, the greatest country in the world, or just like any other one, America is popular. More than 40 million people visit every year. Undoubtedly, each of them will have an opinion on what locals are doing wrong or right.

It may be hard to imagine that what’s typical behavior in one country seems downright weird in another. And some habits are more shocking than others.

To identify 20 things foreigners say about Americans, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed dozens of news articles, surveys, social media platforms, and travelers’ blogs. This is a sampling of what we found.

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