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50 Most Amazing Things About America Today

Source: Curimedia / Wikimedia Commons

26. Population concentration

Over half of the U.S. population lives in just nine states — California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina.

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27. Americans like to travel

The number of passports held by Americans leaped to 21.4 million in 2017, the most ever recorded.

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28. Belief in the individual

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 57% of Americans believe that individuals control their own success in life, the largest share of any country surveyed.

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29. Americans like to move

The U.S. is one of most mobile nations on Earth. According to a Gallup poll, 24% of U.S. adults reported moving within the country in the past five years.

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30. Tornados

Three out of every four tornadoes in the world occur in the United States.