Special Report

The Craziest Car Races and Rallies in America

There are many ways for American motorsport enthusiasts to get their fill outside of just NASCAR. Local race tracks, county fairs, and hobbyists have all come up with their own races — crazy heart-pounding races and derbies, easy-going, accessible for all rallies, and country-infused events. These events utilize specially designed rules and vehicles to fulfill their need for speed and passion for cars.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed auto blogs like Jalopnik as well as auto event sites to find the craziest car races and rallies in America.

Many of these events offer drivers the chance to either modify their own vehicles or build a new one from scratch to meet the specifications required for the race. Car lovers have long enjoyed modifying their vehicles, even turning some into works of art or fully functional kitchen appliances — all while still functioning as working automobiles. These are the most unbelievable things people have turned their cars into.

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