Special Report

Unbelievable Things People Have Turned Their Cars Into

Angelo Young

There are few technological advancements that capture more attention and obsession than the automobile.

Despite all the buzz and speculation about the future of mobility, a world where people share low-emission, self-driving cars and embrace multi-mode transportation with electric scooters, bikes, and public transportation to get around, the fact is humans are not going to give up on private car ownership anytime soon. Most of the world’s largest automakers either offer eco-friendly electric and hybrid cars or are developing them. These are America’s most eco-friendly vehicles.

According to the Paris-based International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, car companies made nearly 70.5 million passenger cars and trucks, and more than 25.1 million commercial vehicles in 2018 alone. According to automotive trade journal Ward’s Auto, the global total number of cars and trucks, including large commercial vehicles, buses, and semi-trucks, surpassed 1 billion in 2010.

With so many cars out there, and with a global car-obsessed culture, people have found creative things to do with them. The following is a list of 20 strange things people have done to automobiles. The list includes some of the most iconic cars in films.

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