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America’s 50 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Source: Kesu01 / Getty Images

50. English Cocker Spaniels
> 2017 rank: 52 out of 192
> 2007 rank: 69 out of 136

The English cocker spaniel is a compact dog with a silk coat that comes in striking colors and patterns. It is famous for its mellow personality and its ability to flush out and retrieve gamebirds. The English cocker spaniel is larger than its cousin, the U.S. cocker spaniel.

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49. Portuguese Water Dogs
> 2017 rank: 54 out of 192
> 2007 rank: 65 out of 136

Described as medium sized and robust by the AKC, this breed has an advantage above the other water-loving pups – a waterproof coat. Easily the most well-known of the breed is former “first dog” Bo, who belongs to President Obama and his family. Malia, President Obama’s daughter, is allergic to dogs, which led to Bo’s “appointment.”

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48. St. Bernards
> 2017 rank: 48 out of 192
> 2007 rank: 39 out of 136

Named after a monk who aided pilgrims crossing the Alps on their way to Rome, the St. Bernard is famous as a rescue dog. It is very big — males can weigh up to 180 pounds — and very strong, but has a very gentle and winning expression. Unfortunately it has a relatively short life expectancy of 8 to 10 years.

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47. Akitas
> 2017 rank: 47 out of 192
> 2007 rank: 51 out of 136

The Akita is a large, powerful breed that originated in Japan. Two distinguishing features are its trademark curling tail and its alert expression. It is wary of strangers, has little tolerance for other animals, and is protective of its owners.

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46. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
> 2017 rank: 43 out of 192
> 2007 rank: 47 out of 136

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the official State Dog of Maryland, its home state. This family-oriented dog has a waterproof coat that’s oily to the touch. It’s protective of its owners and determined, making it a great watchdog.