Special Report

76 Movies With a Perfect Score from Critics

Source: Courtesy of FilmRise

61. Driveways (2019)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Andrew Ahn
> Starring: Hong Chau, Lucas Jaye
> Runtime: 1 hr. 23 min.

A lonely boy goes with his mother to help clean her late sister’s house and becomes friends with a retired man who lives next door.

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

62. A Secret Love (2020)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Chris Bolan
> Starring: Terry Donahue, Pat Henschel, Diana Bolan
> Runtime: 1 hr. 22 min.

This documentary follows the secret love story of two women, one of whom is a professional baseball player, who are together for nearly seven decades. The movie mixes together in one story LGBTQ history, sports, and the joy and struggles of being with som

Source: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

63. All In: The Fight for Democracy (2020)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Lisa Cortes, Liz Garbus
> Starring: Stacey Abrams, Andrew Young
> Runtime: 1 hr. 42 min.

A documentary about the history and current activism against voter suppression.

Source: Courtesy of La Aventura

64. Host (2020)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Rob Savage
> Starring: Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore
> Runtime: 56min

Six friends hold a Zoom session with a medium but accidentally attract the attention of a demonic spirit.

Source: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

65. The Lady Eve (1941)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Preston Sturges
> Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda
> Runtime: 1 hr. 34 min.

A con artist starts to fall in love with her mark, a socially awkward millionaire.

Source: Courtesy of Foremco Pictures Corp.

66. M (1931)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Fritz Lang
> Starring: Peter Lorre, Ellen Widmann
> Runtime: 1 hr. 45 min.

“M” is a German psychological thriller that follows a serial child killer who is the target not only of the entire Berlin police force but also of other criminals.

Source: Courtesy of Amkino Corporation

67. Battleship Potemkin (1925)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Sergei M. Eisenstein
> Starring: Alexander Antonov, Vladimir Barsky
> Runtime: 1 hr. 5 min.

“Battleship Potemkin” tells the story of a battleship’s crew who rise against the brutal officers commanding the vessel, and the harsh conditions under which the sailors are forced to live.

Source: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

68. Frankenstein (1931)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): James Whale
> Starring: Colin Clive, Boris Karloff
> Runtime: 1 hr. 10 min.

The film follows Dr. Frankenstein, who tries to create life by assembling a human monster out of dead body parts. The legendary Boris Karloff played the monster.

Source: Courtesy of Media Transactions

69. Stalker (1979)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Andrei Tarkovsky
> Starring: Alexander Kaidanovsky, Alisa Freindlikh
> Runtime: 2 hr. 40 min.

Russian sci-fi drama “Stalker” follows an illegal guide in a post-apocalyptic wasteland who escorts two men in their search for a room that grants wishes.

Source: Courtesy of Cinema Ventures

70. Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)
> Tomato Meter rating: 100%
> Director(s): Robert Bresson
> Starring: Anne Wiazemsky, François Lafarge
> Runtime: 1 hr. 35 min.

A young girl gets a baby donkey named Balthazar as a summertime pet. The donkey subsequently goes through a number of owners, who work him hard at best and are outright cruel to him at worst.

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