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Emergency Items You Need to Have Packed and Ready to Go

1. Extra batteries

An extra supply of batteries is a must. Batteries are essential during a disaster. Batteries are essential for powering flashlights and other smaller items during a disaster. But looking for them when the power is out can be challenging and time-consuming. So keep them in your in-case-of-an-emergency stash.

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2. Flashlight

Walking around in a completely dark house can be dangerous. Even if you know the house very well, you just can’t ever know if there is something on the floor you can slip on. Having a flashlight and/or battery-operated lanterns in your emergency stockpile makes sense.

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3. Garbage bags

A garbage bag can be incredibly useful during an emergency. In addition to being used to store waste (in case the toilets aren’t working) and regular garbage, trash bags can also be used as an insulator, sleeping bag cover, and a blanket to maintain body heat.

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4. Dust mask

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people probably have by now an endless supply of cloth masks. Get several N95 particulate respirator dust masks to store in case of an emergency. They offer better protection from dust because they seal against the face, keeping even very small particles from the air you breathe in.

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5. Whistle

A whistle can be very useful to keep on a keychain or anywhere that is readily accessible. It can be used to signal for help. Three blasts from a whistle is an internationally recognized distress signal.