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Emergency Items You Need to Have Packed and Ready to Go

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16. Cordless radio

Sometimes phones and other communication devices don’t work. Maybe the battery died, or maybe there is no service. A hand-cracked or a battery-operated radio won’t have that problem. They often work as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radio and automatically scan for weather alerts. There are countless options on affordable two-way radios that work in a range of more than 30 miles.

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17. Backpack

It may be a good idea to keep all of the items you need to have in handy in case of an emergency in an easy-to-carry bag such as a duffle bag or a backpack. You can either make your own or buy an emergency kit duffle bag. They are designed for the purpose of storing first aid and emergency kits.

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18. Spare tire

New cars used to come with a spare tire in the trunk. Though they are no longer included, you still need one — along with tire iron and a jack — in your vehicle. You never know when you may have a flat.

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19. List of emergency contacts

An emergency isn’t something most people are used to dealing with, so it’s better to be prepared. Write down important information that you’ll need to remember, just in case. This may include important addresses and emergency contacts.

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20. Survival knife

A survival knife, an army knife, a Swiss army knife, a multifunction knife — no matter what you call it, this tool has one purpose — to help you in an emergency. Such knives can be used for building shelter, wood carving, clearing a walking path, creating fire, opening cans, etc. A survival knife can also be used as a distress signaling device to reflect sunlight with it.