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This Is the Best Sports Movie Based on a Real Story

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“Ford v Ferrari” is the best sports movie based on a true story, according to a 24/7 Tempo index using average ratings on IMDb and a combination of audience scores and Tomatometer scores on Rotten Tomatoes, as of April 2023.

Sports movies are some of the most popular films out there. They usually have all the makings of a great story: underdogs, obstacles, and a feel-good ending. And when they’re based on true stories, they’re even better.

“Ford v Ferrari” is one of those movies. Based on the true story of how Ford Motor Company built a racecar to take on the dominating Ferrari team at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance road race in France, it’s a sports movie that has it all.

The film stars Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby, the American car designer and racecar driver who was tapped by Henry Ford II to build a Ford car that could beat Ferrari. Shelby enlists the help of British driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), and together they create the Ford GT40.

The GT40 goes up against Ferrari’s reigning champion, the Ferrari 330 P3, in a test race at Daytona International Speedway. While the GT40 doesn’t win, it does show that Ford has what it takes to compete with Ferrari.

Shelby and Miles then take the GT40 to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where they go up against Ferrari’s new car, the Ferrari 512. The GT40 suffers from mechanical issues and Miles is forced to retire from the race. But Shelby and Ford refuse to give up, and they come back the next year with a new GT40.

This time, the GT40 dominates the race and takes first, second, and third place. It’s a huge victory for Ford and a crushing defeat for Ferrari.

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