Women Absent from Top Tech Jobs

This past weekend I worked on my cultural literacy by reading Sheryl Sandberg’s manifesto, Lean In.  It was recommended to me by a scientist who has conducted high-quality research throughout her career in a male-dominated field.  This weekend I also saw the movie Jobs, about Steve Jobs and the tumultuous times of Apple (it’s hard to believe this was ever the case) before the company began cranking out hit after hit of gadgetry (recently the new iPhone 5C and 5S).

Perhaps it was my residual rumination from Lean In, but I could not help but notice the lack of women in the movie.  A sign of the times though it was, I wondered what the movie would look like had it continued past the moment of Jobs’s return in 1996.  Would there be more women in the company besides secretaries?  What does Apple look like today for women? What about other tech giants?

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