Apple Store crimewave: First iPhone XS grab-and-run (video)

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“I was at the Santa Rosa Plaza and I saw these six guys in jeans and hoodies making a their way to the Apple Store. I knew something was about to go down so I recorded it.” —”Gooneryoda”


From AppleInsider:

Dozens of similar Apple store robberies have taken place this year throughout California, and at least two crews carrying out the crimes have been arrested. The thefts have often been caught on store security video, but rarely have they been recorded live by bystanders. The same Apple store, at Santa Rosa Plaza, was similarly robbed in late August, with thieves making off with $35,000 in merchandise.

Caught on video (posted with permission):

One suspect was arrested at the scene. Parents warning: Violence, language.

My take: Note that the job of the Apple staffer at the door was not to stop the robbers, but to move the shoppers to safety.