In June, home prices rose the most in Phoenix and San Diego.
Some of the cities with the largest percentage of home buyers who were investors in the past decade are found in Texas.
Shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19, the Census Bureau launched a vast initiative to measure the effects of the disease on Americans. It is called the Household Pulse Survey. So far, the results...
The American real estate market is passing through an unprecedented period. In many metro markets, home prices have risen well into the double digits when compared with last year. The carefully...
People who have lived in cities and towns for a long time are being priced out of the market by new homeowners. These residents find they may not even be able to stay.
The residential real estate market in the U.S. has been on an unprecedented run.  Partially due to the migration of people from the largest coastal cities during the COVID-19 pandemic, home prices...
States with the lowest prices for tiny homes include Arkansas, Kansas and North Dakota.
Across the 50 largest home markets, the city with the youngest owners is in Texas.
Colorado Springs topped Realtor.com's list of the hottest housing markets.
The median age of an American home is 37 years. That means a huge number were built in the 21st century. Occasionally, a home built over two centuries ago comes on the market. Most of the oldest...
New York and Louisana had the highest home loan delinquency rates in May.
People who want to leave large cities for a better standard of life may find that decision is very expensive.
The primary cause for the surge in home foreclosures is that the government moratorium that prevented many of them has ended.
Two markets have median home prices of $1 million or more. They are in California and very close to one another.
In Denver, Nashville and a few other places, a house typically stays on the market for only a matter of days.