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Closing price October 19, 2021
Now that Apple's Unleashed event is old news, it's time to start speculating about what new products are coming next.
Apple's Unleashed launch event introduced the company's new, bigger MacBooks, new AirPods, and other new products. Tuesday is Google's turn to dazzle with its new Pixel 6 smartphone.
Apple's second fall event, Unleashed, begins at 10 a.m. PT Monday with the launch of new MacBook Pro models, among other rumored updated products.
A research team at the U.K.'s University of Cambridge has released a report scorching Apple's plan to scan photos for child sexual abuse material.
Apple has posted a document detailing its objections to sideloading, the practice of downloading iPhone apps from a third party instead of the company's App Store.
Apple has announced a date for its expected launch of new MacBook Pro models and, likely, more new hardware.
Apple on Monday released its second bug-fix to iOS 15 since the new operating system was announced a few weeks ago. This release fixes a potentially dangerous bug, and Apple recommends installing it...
Apple has begun pushing harder to get iPhone owners to subscribe to the company's services like Apple TV+ and Apple News+. Is this the next frontier for the company's revenue?
Apple is working on a project that would extend the control offered by CarPlay to more than just the basic functions it now controls. A U.K. children's rights firm has complained that Apple, among...
Reuters is reporting that the European Union is preparing to charge Apple with anticompetitive practices related to its NFC chip.
The new iPhone 13 series has left a lot of iPhone owners cool to purchasing an upgrade. Supply chain issues in China may have made getting a new iPhone more difficult in any event.
Monday's big tech news was the several-hour outage at Facebook and other websites owned by the company. Apple settled one lawsuit and got slapped with another.
Apple's profit from the commissions it charges for App Store downloads totaled $8.5 billion in 2019, about 5% of the company's total profit that year.
These five stocks that fund managers have been adding to their portfolios most are very strong ideas for growth investors with a degree of risk tolerance. They have Buy ratings from major Wall Street...
Thieves charged with stealing $1.5 million worth of digital Apple gift cards have pleaded guilty and now await sentencing.