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Best Enters the Market With a Bang

Best Inc. (NYSE: BSTI) entered the market with a bang on Wednesday. This Chinese logistics firm is backed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) and is the largest IPO ...
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4 Stocks to Buy That Can Clean Up After Hurricane Harvey

Even the worst situations can be positive for somebody, and while the devastation from Hurricane Harvey will prove to be a large burden for some of the big insurance companies, ...
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5 Companies That Could Win Off the Trump Border Wall

While President Trump has had a very hard time with Congress repealing and replacing Obamacare, for one of the other big campaign promises, the border wall, things look somewhat brighter. ...
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Facebook Expands Product to Find Wi-Fi Almost Anywhere

As portable computing and communication grows, many smartphone and tablet users rely primarily on wireless telecom service for connections. This service can be spotty, and very expensive. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: ...
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6 Undervalued Utilities With Strong Dividends and Upside Potential

With fears growing of a summer correction after a strong market run, and with many of the administration's pro-growth initiatives looking as though they are on hold or delayed, 24/7 ...
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Blackstone’s New $40 Billion Fund Shows Hard Proof in US Infrastructure Investing

In the age of mega-deals and unicorn valuations, perhaps nothing should be too shocking when it comes to size. That being said, a $40 billion private equity fund targeting infrastructure ...
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Saudi Arabia to Fund $20 Billion of US Massive $2 Trillion Infrastructure Needs

Saudi Arabia will invest $20 billion to address U.S. infrastructure deals. It is a drop in the bucket. America's roads, bridges and airports need at least $2 trillion in repairs. ...
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North Korea: The Country and Military by the Numbers, Updated

Update: North Korea launched what appeared to be a new ballistic missile into the Pacific raising concerns in the region and increasing tension with the U.S. Despite its very modest ...
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Huge Cyber Attack Reaches 99 Countries, Spread Slows

The massive cyber attack that has taken down almost the entire hospital system in the United Kingdom and affected businesses like FedEx that have large global systems, has spread to ...
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Deutsche Bank Raises Price Targets on Top Utilities as Rates Stay Low

A couple of years ago, the utilities were among the hottest in the S&P 500 as interest rates were driven to the lowest levels since the 1950s as the Federal Reserve ...
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Water War Dilemma: Why Is GE Selling Its Industrial Water Unit?

If there is one component of life that no one can do without, it is water. The need around the world for more water infrastructure and development has been widely reported ...
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11 Infrastructure Giants Loving Trump’s Infrastructure Ambitions

If you are surprised about the gains seen in the infrastructure stocks since the election, you haven't been reading 24/7 Wall St. or many other financial trends sites. While President Trump's ...
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US Has Almost 56,000 ‘Structurally Deficient’ Bridges

Nearly 36,000 bridges in the United States need repair. They have been deemed "structurally deficient" in the widely regarded American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) Bridge Reports, the 2017 version ...
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Disintegrating Oroville Dam Built With Primitive Technology

The Oroville Dam has fallen apart, which has caused the evacuation of 200,000 on the Feather River in Northern California in and around the town or Oroville. The dam is the ...
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Why the Massive Trump Infrastructure Plan Could Be DOA

From The Fiscal Times One of the few things that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could agree on during the presidential campaign was the crying need for new highways, bridges, ...
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