Flee Louisiana As Soon As Possible

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Some states have such severe demographic and economic problems that most residents should live elsewhere if they can. While this may seem severe, there are routinely lists of best states. These are made up of those with the best health care, the best chance for people to work, the best political environments, and the best places to raise children.

24/7 Wall St. published its own “Best States To Live,” which included both the top and the bottom. Data came from many places, which included the Census Bureau, FBI, EPA, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A total of 16 metrics were used to create the final list.

Louisiana was the worst among all states. That is not unusual. It ranks at or near the bottom of many such lists among the primary data about the state. Its population is 4,624,047, the life expectancy at birth is 75.2 years, the median household income is $52,087, and the median home value is $192,800. Each of these, but itself, is among the worst among all states.

The 24/7 Wall St. story goes on to say, in exact detail:

“Based on a range of key socioeconomic indicators, Louisiana ranks as the worst state in the country to live in. While the state has advantages, including a low cost of living and more sunlight than most of the country, it compares less favorably in other ways.

For example, Louisiana’s 2020 violent crime rate of 640 reported incidents per 100,000 people is fifth highest among states. Incomes are also generally low in the state, with most households earning only about $52,000 or less annually, while most households nationwide earn over $69,000 annually. Women in the state’s workforce are especially disadvantaged, earning only about 73% as much as their male counterparts, the second worst gender pay gap among states. Additionally, about one-in-every-five Louisiana residents live below the poverty line, the largest share of any state.”

Where should people who live in Louisiana go? There are a number, like Virginia and Utah. Unfortunately, many people who live in Louisiana do not have the income or education to move. (This is the income it take to be middle class in America’s largest cities.)

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