The American City With the Most Dangerous Water

laflor / Getty Images

Despite advanced water filtration and distribution in most cities, some have bad or even dangerous water. One only has to remember the Flint, Michigan, water crisis that began in 2014 and lasted for years. Several other cities have water considered “bad,” based on an analysis of headlines. (These cities will grow the most by 2060.)
Headlines may not be a good metric for bad or dangerous water. However, they certainly affect public opinion. The Behind Bad Water Headlines: An Investigative Report from water treatment supplier used the headline methodology. It was something less than an investigation. Rather, it was the simplest of counts.

The methodology had one metric. It was to search headlines for keywords “forever chemicals,” “residents without water,” “boil water notice” and “water contamination.” About 18,000 headlines were examined and vetted by using “GPT3 to extract the location from each headline.”

The city with the most “bad water” headlines last year was New York City. This makes sense, because of the city’s size. The number of headlines was 292. That is a fairly small sample across such a huge metropolitan area.

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