This NFL Team Has the Sharpest Rising Ticket Prices

The NFL season is barely at the halfway point, and it’s already been chaotic. In some cases, it has been unexpected, period. Among the shocks is the COVID-19 diagnosis of MVP Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers. He led people to believe he was vaccinated when he was not. A byproduct of his carelessness was that his team lost to the Kansas City Chiefs when he was replaced by Jordan Love.

Another unexpected occurrence is that 44-year-old Tom Brady leads the entire league in yards passed and touchdowns. He has a shot at breaking the single-season record in both cases. The numbers make it more likely that his Tampa Bay Buccaneers will repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Elsewhere, the team that analysts expected would have the best offense in the NFL has struggled. The Kansas City Chiefs super-quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has had a mediocre season so far and has thrown 10 interceptions.

Perhaps less than surprising, talented Quarterback Matthew Stafford, who moved from the perennial cellar-dweller Detroit Lions to the Los Angeles Rams, is having an outstanding season and has turned his new team into one of the highest-rated in the league.

Finally, NFL ratings had been falling for years but have rebounded. A report at pointed out about NFL TV ratings: “Through six weeks, national NFL broadcasts are averaging 16.6 million viewers, up 11 percent over the same stretch from last season.”

After a year when most stadiums were closed completely due to COVID-19, seats are full again now. This surge in attendance has affected ticket prices.’s “The Biggest Risers for NFL Ticket Resale Prices” looked at ticket prices on the secondary market compared with face value ticket prices. The NFL average was 131%, from $106.21 to $252.91.

The team with the biggest jump was the Las Vegas Raiders, which has moved from Oakland to Las Vegas. The Sporting News gave the primary reason for the move: “Relocation basically came down to one issue: finding an appropriate venue for home games.” The premium on tickets is up 339%, from $153.47 to $673. This was followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, which was up 252% from $114.24, and the Super Bowl Champ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, up 224% from $89.48 to $290.

These NFL teams have had the greatest ticket resale prices increases:

Team Price Change
Las Vegas Raiders $673 339%
Pittsburgh Steelers $402 252%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $290 224%
Seattle Seahawks $367 211%
Los Angeles Rams $316 211%
Denver Broncos $300 186%
Dallas Cowboys $278 179%
Los Angeles Chargers $206 163%
New England Patriots $341 159%
Minnesota Vikings $262 141%

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