The Team Has The Most Expensive Tickets In The NFL

Ethan Miller / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images

The teams which have been big winners in NFL history have changed recently. The New England Patriots were a dynasty when Tom Brady was the quarterback. Most years recently, they have struggled to get near a playoff berth. The Dallas Cowboys were among the top teams in terms of wins in the NFL for years. Now, each year, the team seems to be “rebuilding”.

Winning is important for most NFL team financial results. Because of New England’s success, it has had among the most expensive tickets in the NFL for years. It remains on that list today.

Team ticket price levels hold true at the other end of the spectrum. The Detroit Lions have been among the worst teams in the league for years. Their ticket prices are routinely below the NFL average. This is the case for another team which routinely performs poorly. The Washington Commanders have very low ticket prices.

Teams can work their way up the ticket price list based on performance. TicketIQ recently released data on NFL average ticket prices for the 2022 season. It used data from the secondary market. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a small market team, posted the third highest ticket price at $516. Tom Brady took them to a Super Bowl win two seasons ago.

The team with the highest ticket price for the upcoming season is the Las Vegas Raiders at $739. It huge new Allegiant Stadium cost $1.9 billion to build. The Raiders are a storied team which has won three Super Bowls. The team had the second best record in the AFC West last year, behind the Kansas City Chiefs.

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