10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds

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In New York, America’s largest city, many people live in small apartments. Yet more people have dogs than cats, according to the New York Economic Development Corporation. A small apartment clearly doesn’t mean you can’t have a dog — it doesn’t even mean you can’t have a big dog. But if you do live in an apartment, there are certain factors to consider when picking the right breed.

Want to stay on good terms with your next door neighbors? Then maybe you shouldn’t go for that loud barker or yappy dog. Do you live far from a park? If so, you should probably think about a dog that doesn’t need multiple long daily walks. A small apartment and an energetic breed can be a challenging combination. And if you will be living in close quarters, you might also want to think about shedding — some dogs shed constantly and others not at all. Fortunately, there are many different breeds with different characteristics and temperaments to choose from.

A surprisingly wide range of dogs are well suited to apartment living. Our list includes the Maltese, a lapdog that weighs as little as six pounds, as well as the greyhound, which weighs 10 times as much and is also the fastest breed of dog. We also have relatively young breeds and ones that have been with us for millennia — long before anybody lived in urban apartments. But before you bring your new furry friend home, make sure your apartment complex allows dogs!

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To identify which dogs are best suited to smaller spaces, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the American Kennel Club’s list of best dogs for apartment dwellers, with information related to each breed’s size, personality, barking, and other factors. The list was created by AKC experts who used breed standards, written by the Parent Clubs, that specify size, activity level, intelligence, and other attributes.