Special Report

New Year's Eve by the Numbers

Source: Poike / Getty Images

1. 360 million glasses

Every year, New Year’s revelers consume some 360 million glasses of champagne and sparkling wine.

Source: skynesher / Getty Images

2. 25% of sales

Champagne bought during the week ending Dec. 31 accounts for 25% of annual Champagne sales.

Source: TriggerPhoto / Getty Images

3. 1 billion viewers

An estimated 1 billion television viewers worldwide will watch the Times Square ball drop.

Source: anouchka / Getty Images

4. 3,000 pounds

Partygoers in Times Square will be showered with 3,000 pounds of confetti at the stroke of midnight.

Source: Andrew Burton / Getty Images

5. 11,785 pounds

The New Year’s Eve Times Square ball weighs 11,785 pounds.