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These Are the 30 Small Dog Breeds People Love the Most

Source: FaST_9 / Getty Images

20. Papillon
> Overall AKC rank in 2019: 53 out of 193
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Temperament: Friendly, alert, happy

Papillons belong in the toy group of dogs. They typically measure between 8 and 11 inches high and weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. One of their most distinctive features is their big, wing-shaped ears. They make the dog look like a butterfly, hence the name papillon, which means butterfly in French.

19. Bichon Frise
> Overall AKC rank in 2019: 43 out of 193
> Life expectancy: 14-15 years
> Temperament: Playful, curious, peppy

It’s easy to see why many people would love to have a Bichon frise. Their baby faces and fluffy fur, which is always white, and the fact that they are always happy and affectionate, make them irresistible. The Bichon, as the breed is often called, descended from the Barbet of Water-Spaniel breeds, hence the name “Barbichon,” which was later shortened to “Bichon.”

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18. Shiba Inu
> Overall AKC rank in 2019: 45 out of 193
> Life expectancy: 13-16 years
> Temperament: Alert, active, attentive

The Shiba Inu is originally from Japan. It is the smallest, and some say the oldest, spitz dog that came from the country. Just like the Scottish terrier, it may take a long time to train the Shiba Inu, and training has to start when it’s really young because it’s very free-spirited and independent.

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17. West Highland White Terrier
> Overall AKC rank in 2019: 44 out of 193
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Temperament: Loyal, happy, entertaining

Westies, as they are called for short, were bred to hunt underground rodents like rats. Don’t be fooled by their size — standing just about 11 inches at the shoulder — and their sweet personality, these white terriers are very strong and tough.

Source: Silense / Getty Images

16. Basset Hound
> Overall AKC rank in 2019: 37 out of 193
> Life expectancy: 12-13 years
> Temperament: Charming, patient, low-key

Basset hounds, also known as hush puppy dogs, were bred to hunt rabbits and other small prey by following their scent. They are known for their long low-set ears that drag on the ground (which helps them pick up a prey’s smell).