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The Most Popular Director in the US Is Steven Spielberg

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According to an online survey of more than 1,200 respondents conducted by YouGov, an international market and data analytics website, the most popular director in America, as of Q4 of last year, was Steven Spielberg. (Alfred Hitchcock and Ron Howard place second and third, respectively.)

Spielberg’s top position in the survey is no surprise, given his impressive body of work, which includes such classics as “Schindler’s List” and “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,” as well as the groundbreaking “Jaws.”

What makes Spielberg so popular? One reason may be his filmmaking style, which is characterized by its use of suspense, emotion, and special effects. Another reason may be his ability to appeal to both mainstream and art-house audiences. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that Spielberg is one of the most successful and influential directors of our time.

Spielberg’s No. 1 position is all the more remarkable when you consider that he was up against some stiff competition – not only Hitchcock and Howard, but classic filmmakers from the Golden Age of cinema like Frank Capra and John Huston, as well as acclaimed modern auteurs including John Hughes, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, and Quentin Tarantino.

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