The Most Valuable Football Teams

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When you think about the value of football teams, if your first guess is about these teams being worth the most in all professional sports, you’d be spot on. As the nation’s most popular sport, it won’t be surprising to learn that football teams have the highest valuations. While  NBA and MLB teams are also worth a lot, football teams like the Dallas Cowboys approach astronomical valuations. 

According to Forbes, the average NFL team is now worth approximately $5.1 billion as of 2023, 14% more than the previous year. Some teams, like the Miami Dolphins, saw even larger jumps, as high as an additional 24% in value year over year. With this in mind, we can look at the most valuable football teams in descending order using Forbes data, which incorporates TV money and sponsorships among revenue sources. 

Why Are We Covering This? 

Source: Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
The Manning family is a staple name in the NFL, with the two brothers having won four Super Bowls.

The NFL generated over $18 billion in revenue in 2022 and $20 billion in 2023, so it’s a cash cow. This makes the NFL larger by sheer revenue than many publicly traded companies regularly covered on 24/7 Wall St. When you consider how much income is generated for every city home to a football team and has sponsors from many publicly traded brands, the NFL is big business. 

15. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants
Source: Elsa / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Atlanta Falcons have some work to do to make it to the big game.
  • Revenue: $544 million
  • Current value: $4.7 billion

With a valuation that jumped 18% year over year, the Atlanta Falcons are in an odd place. The team has two Pro Bowlers like Chris Lindstrom and Jessie Bates, though it needs to add more talent to its roster to better its 7-10 record last season. Even after firing its head coach in January 2024, the team still has its work cut out to make the playoffs next season. Atlanta knows how to win, but anyone's guess is whether the team can live up to its valuation. 

14. Seattle Seahawks 

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Seattle Seahawks hope a new coach can lead them back to the promised land.
  • Revenue: $555 million
  • Current value: $5 billion

The Seattle Seahawks' strong performance during the 2010s undoubtedly helped the team’s current valuation. Without head coach Pete Carroll around in 2024-2025, it’ll be interesting to see how Seahawks players adapt to a new coaching system. Still, this franchise knows how to win, and the residents of Seattle and the surrounding area are fiercely loyal to this team. With only one Super Bowl win in franchise history, the Seahawks are no doubt hoping to add another trophy. 

13. Denver Broncos

Source: Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
Without Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos hope to be in better shape.
  • Revenue: $563 million
  • Current value: $5.1 billion

While the 2023-2024 Denver Broncos had a mediocre season, the team hopes to change things around in 2024. Led by Pro Bowlers Justin Simmons, Marvin Mims, and Patrick Surtain II, the team is undoubtedly hoping to make a wild-card playoff spot in 2024-2025. Head coach Sean Payton is a controversial choice, but he knows how to win and use his available talent. 

12. Houston Texans

Source: Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Houston Texans have a young and exciting QB leading the way.
  • Revenue: $605 million
  • Current value: $5.5 billion

Jumping in value 17% year over year, the Houston Texans, led by quarterback C.J. Stroud, are showing signs of a strong future. Along with Stroud, you have Nico Collins, Derek Stingley Jr., and Will Anderson Jr., all committed to seeing a Texans playoff run in the 2024-2025 season. There is no doubt that team owner Cal McNair is looking to capitalize on the team’s value by bringing home a Super Bowl trophy. 

11. Miami Dolphins

Source: Eric Espada / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
Miami remains one of the most popular football teams in the league.
  • Revenue: $600 million
  • Current value: $5.7 billion

The Miami Dolphins are among the most popular teams in pro football, thanks to their sunny location in South Florida. With wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, quarterback Tua Tagaovailoa, and Jalen Ramsey, the Dolphins will likely make another playoff run in 2024-2025. Owner Stephen M. Ross is also one of the most visible in football, and with that, the Dolphins derive significant revenue as a major activity in South Florida. 

10. Philadelphia Eagles

Source: Mitchell Leff / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
If Philadelphia can stay healthy, expect them to make a Super Bowl run.
  • Revenue: $598 million
  • Current value: $5.8 billion

Arguably one of the best teams in football right now, the Philadelphia Eagles' last few seasons have more than established why the team is the 10th most valuable in football. As Philadelphia is a town crazy for sports, the Eagles are at the top of this list as the team regularly ranks among the best teams in the NFL for home game attendance. Behind Jalen Hurts and Kenneth Gainwell and with the addition of Saquon Barkley, the Eagles will make a Super Bowl run in 2024-2025 without a doubt. 

9. San Francisco 49ers

Source: Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The San Francisco 49ers will look to avenge their Super Bowl loss next season.
  • Revenue: $598 million
  • Current value: $6 billion

One of the most popular teams in football, the San Francisco 49ers, are football legends. This team was once home to Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, one of the best quarterback and wide receiver combinations in football history. With the team making the Super Bowl during the 2023-2024 season, it should come as no surprise the valuation of the team jumped 15% year over year. With Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, and George Kittle leading the way in 2024, the 49ers will be looking to return to the big game. 

8. Washington Commanders

Washington+Commanders | NFL Week 3: Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Source: NFL Week 3: Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles by All-Pro Reels / BY-SA 2.0 (
With new ownership, the Washington Commanders are eager to win.
  • Revenue: $545 million
  • Current value: $6.05 billion

In their 91st season, the Washington Commanders are one of the oldest teams in NFL history. Purchased by a new ownership group led by American investor Josh Harris, the team paid former owner Dan Synder $6.05 billion for 100% of the franchise in 2023. With new owners, team leaders like Jonathan Allen, Terry McLaurin, and Frankie Luvu need a breakout year if the Commanders hope to win their first Super Bowl since 1991. 

7. New York Jets

New+York+Jets | New York Jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars Military Ceremony
Source: New York Jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars Military Ceremony by NYCMarines / BY 2.0 (
If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, the New York Jets could find a winning season.
  • Revenue: $560 million
  • Current value: $6.1 billion

While the New York Jets lost franchise QB Aaron Rodgers in the first few minutes of the 2023-2024 season, the team hoped for a strong return in 2024-2025. Along with Sauce Gardner, Garett Wilson, and Quinnen Williams, the Jets are looking to end the team’s Super Bowl drought, one of the longest in all of pro sports. Even with a huge $6.1 billion valuation, the Jets are up against fierce competition in the East, so it’ll take a miracle to make a Super Bowl run. 

6. Las Vegas Raiders

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Las Vegas Raiders want to be the dominant team in the West.
  • Revenue: $729 million
  • Current value: $6.2 billion 

After moving from Oakland in 2020, the Las Vegas Raiders have shown some upside. Behind the Pro Bowl trio of Maxx Crosby, Davante Adams, and Christian Wilkins, there is a solid core of players looking to establish the Las Vegas Raiders as a dominant force out west. The team’s owner, Mark Davis, whose father owned the team since 1972, has seen the franchise's valuation go up an astronomical amount since then, including a 22% value increase between 2022 and 2023. 

5. Chicago Bears

Source: Grant Halverson / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Chicago Bears need to find the right lineup to start winning again.
  • Revenue: $556 million
  • Current value: $6.3 billion

One of football’s most storied teams, the Chicago Bears, began playing professionally in 1920. The Bears are one of only two franchises that continue to play in their founding city, along with the Arizona Cardinals. While the Bears had a run during the 1980s, culminating in a 1985 Super Bowl, the team has suffered poor management and has had a revolving door of talent and coaches ever since. Having the number one draft pick with Caleb Williams is an upside for the Bears going into next season. 

4. New York Giants

Source: Dustin Satloff / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The New York Giants hope to return to the playoffs this season.
  • Revenue: $639 million
  • Current value: $6.8 billion

While the New York Giants share their stadium with the New York Jets, the former is worth slightly more. Playing their first season in 1925, the Giants are football history, winning over four Super Bowls since 1986. Even though the team lost star wide receiver Saquon Barkley for the 2024-2025 season, you still have plenty of talent, including Andrew Thomas, Dexter Lawrence, and Brian Burns. Behind these men, the Giants will look for a playoff run in the upcoming season. 

3. Los Angeles Rams

Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Los Angeles Rams have the right talent to make a playoff run.
  • Revenue: $686 million
  • Current value: $6.9 billion

The third most valuable team in the NFL, the Los Angeles Rams are the only football team to win championships in three different cities. Cleveland, St. Louis, and Los Angeles are the three homes of the Ram’s franchise. Most recently winning the Super Bowl in 2021, the Rams are still lined up behind Matthew Stafford and team owner Stan Kroenke to bring another title back to Los Angeles. 

2. New England Patriots

Source: Harry How / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The New England Patriots really need a miracle to turn things around from last season.
  • Revenue: $684 million
  • Current value: $7 billion

Boosted by Tom Brady's dynasty, the New England Patriots are undoubtedly the second most valuable football team. With one of the most passionate fan bases in all sports, the Patriots are the world's second most valuable sports team. Every home game has even been sold out since 1994. More importantly, since 2001, the team has won six Super Bowls, 11 conference championships, and 22 division championships. Even with a rocky 2023, the Patriots hope to return to glory behind Jacoby Brissett or Drake Maye as QB1. 

1. Dallas Cowboys

Source: Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Dallas Cowboys remain the most valuable team in the NFL.
  • Revenue: $1.14 billion
  • Current value: $9 billion 

With the value of the Dallas Cowboys increasing 13% yearly, it’s no surprise that “America’s Team” continues to be the most valuable in all sports. Team owner Jerry Jones is a staple in the NFL community and regularly discusses his team on television, which drives even more visibility to Dallas. The Cowboys also excel at driving revenue to as much as $1.14 billion in 2023. With five Super Bowl championships, this team is looking to QB1 Dak Prescott to take them to the promised land and make it six championships. 


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