Beanbag chairs and iPad-controlled coffee dispensers, sure. But granite ceilings? 

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The details of an outsider’s report from inside Apple Park are intriguing, but can we trust the reporter?


Excerpted from AppleInsider’s 7 hours in the spaceship: interviewing for a job at Apple Park:

Two sets of employees welcomed the individual, with blue-shirted Apple Security personnel accompanied by green-shirted “greeters,” who acted as guides in a similar way to front-of-store Apple retail employees directing customers to other store staff. Informed the building was quite confusing, “especially for guests,” the poster notes they received assistance from a number of the green-clad employees to the appropriate area.

Checked in by another greeter at Apple Park Section 1 and asked to wait in the lobby, the writer remarks the area “looked custom made and very new,” complete with comfy couches and beanbag chairs. Guests also had access to a pastry bar and coffee at the location.

The coffee stations are noted as having a “Moen faucet” style spigot that contains four smaller hoses, used to dispense hot, chilled, and ambient temperature water along with freshly brewed coffee. The station was controlled by an iPad, which offered to dispense coffee in a user-specified quantity, selected by a slider. Nearby was a “small but well-staffed cafe” that provided espresso drinks and pastries…

The interview room is described as being made from wood, but one with small 1 to 2 millimeter holes across the surface used for ventilation. As the world’s largest naturally ventilated building, the writer noted they did not see any air vent grates, while the ceiling of the room was made from granite.

My take: The world’s largest naturally ventilated building checks out—or at least it’s true that Apple made that claim last year. But I’ve never heard of a room with granite ceilings. A fancy shower stall, maybe, but not a naturally ventilated interview room.

UPDATE: Reader Robin Nicholson provided the floor-ceiling system specs on Twitter: