Wasn’t Tim Cook supposed to be an operational genius?

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Two Apple-friendly sites rip into the company’s record of on-time shipping.


From John Kheit’s Tim Cook Is a Failure at Operations, posted Friday on the MacObserver:

Operations are supposed to be what Tim Cook does best. Under Steve Jobs he was the Chief Operating Officer at Apple. And while he may have done a great job then, he is a failure at it as CEO.

There are two reasons you have to conclude he is awful at operations. First, he has failed to keep the trains (i.e., products) running on time. Secondly and almost importantly, he has placed all his operational eggs (i.e., main sources of production revenue) in one hostile, communist Chinese basket.

With regard to keeping products running on time, under Tim Cook, the MacBook Air (one of its most popular machines) was not updated in over 3 years, the Mac mini was not updated in over 4 years, and at over 5 years with still no update to the Mac Pro. The MacBook and iMac haven’t been updated in more than 1.5 years. The iPad mini hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years.

HomePods, beyond being 3 years late relative to Amazon, missed an important holiday season ceding more ground to other smart speakers. AirPods availability came late and is still constrained. AirPower was announced in 2017 and is still vapor.

There’s lots more in the MacObserver piece. From MacDailyNews, which spotted it:

Under Tim Cook, Apple’s track record of keeping products running on time is laughable.

My take: Two Apple friendly sites, but with “Mac” in their name.