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100 Best Small Companies in America


  • Revenue: $87 million
  • Market Cap: $66 million
  • CEO: Pagano, Dominick
  • Industry: Aerospace and Defense
  • Headquarters: Farmington, Connecticut
  • Year Founded: 1946
  • Ticker: EDAC (get quote)

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EDAC Technologies Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides design, manufacturing, and services for tooling, fixtures, molds, jet engine components, and machine spindles in the aerospace and industrial markets. The company produces low pressure turbine cases, hubs, rings, disks, and other tolerance components for various aircraft engine and ground turbine manufacturers. It also offers rotating components, such as disks, rings, and shafts; precision assembly services, including the assembly of jet engine sync rings, aircraft welding and riveting, post-assembly machining, and sutton barrel finishing. In addition, the company is involved in precision machining for the maintenance and repair of components in the aircraft engine industry. Further, it designs and manufactures fixtures, precision gauges, close tolerance plastic injection molds, and precision component molds for composite parts and specialized machinery. Additionally, the company designs, manufactures, and repairs various types of precision grinders, as well as precision rolling element bearing spindles, including hydrostatic and other precision rotary devices for machine tool manufacturers, special machine tool builders and integrators, industrial end-users, and powertrain machinery manufacturers and end-users. It serves a range of industries in areas, which include special tooling, equipment and gauges, and components used in the manufacture, assembly, and inspection of jet engines in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. EDAC Technologies Corporation was founded in 1946 and is based in Farmington, Connecticut.

EDAC Technologies Corp